School data

Data and Benchmarking

Access to high-quality, accurate and timely data is crucial for schools and trusts to make informed decisions and get the most of their available resources. Benchmarking and comparison with peers can be a powerful tool for change and a driver for improvement in any sector. For schools and trusts, knowing how they compare with similar […]


How MATs can drive consistency across schools with ICT

According to the Discover Society article, ‘Multi-Academy Trusts in England – are they really accountable?’: “managing and governing collaborative organisations [such as Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs)] is no mean feat… Even when all of the collaborating organisations are keen for it to work, the challenges of factors such as: the creation of a coherent organisational identity; ensuring […]

Safeguarding and Online Safety in Education

A Whole School Approach: Safeguarding and Online Safety in Education

Kat Howard – Senior Education Consultant for Online Safety at RM Education   Schools have a duty of care to protect their students from harm and a vital part of this safeguarding provision in schools is now attributed to online safety.  The recent changes to legislation in the UK reflect this increasing focus on the […]

AI: Stop with the fear and embrace the opportunity of AI for Operations!

AI: Stop with the fear and embrace the opportunity of AI for Operations!

Aaron Richard Earl Boasman-Patel, Vice President AI & Customer Experience, TM Forum AI is undoubtedly going to have a profound affect not only on society but also on the way we do business. There has been a lot of scaremongering about how many jobs will be lost due to AI as well as how robots […]

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